Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is best handled by professionals because of the technical nature of the job. It requires skills and in-depth knowledge of the needs of various landscape elements. Certain features in the landscape must be maintained using industry-approved methods and techniques, which only properly trained individuals can do. In addition, there are some tasks that require special tools and equipment, which are not cheap to acquire.

By getting the services of a landscape maintenance company like us at Berkeley Design Group, you will be assured of a well-maintained landscape all year round. Our company can take care of your lawn, paving structures, shrubs and trees, irrigation and drainage systems, and outdoor living spaces. We have the manpower and the needed resources for these tasks, so we can handle the needs of every type of landscape. In addition, you can bank on our decades of experience in the landscaping industry and ability to expertly handle every maintenance task that you may require. If you’re from Williamsburg, Richmond, Providence Forge, Poquoson, Gloucester Point, Newport News, Gloucester, Hampton, West Point and Virginia Beach, VA, please call us at (757) 903-1772 or (804) 217-7408. We’ve been serving these areas for years, and we are excited to include you in our long list of satisfied clients.

Lawn Care

Mowing can be an exciting task for some homeowners. However, doing this on a regular basis can be a taxing job, especially if they are working on expansive lawns. In addition, there is no guarantee that they will not damage the lawn due to improper mowing procedures. There are also some lawn care tasks that are better handled by landscaping professionals. For example, treating diseases and controlling pest require proper training and certification. Certified professionals know the right methods to use and the perfect time to address such problems. 

Meanwhile, the lawn care service that we offer here at Berkeley Design Group includes the following tasks:

  • lawn mowing and edging
  • trimming and pruning
  • fertilization programs
  • weed and pest control solutions
  • lawn treatment and disease control
  • seeding and sod installation
  • core aeration and dethatching
  • leaf and debris removal
  • seasonal cleanups


The lawn is one of the features in your landscaping that requires regular care and treatment. However, you should not forget the maintenance needs of other landscape features and amenities. Outdoor features, such as patios, walkways, and decks, must be cleaned from time to time to remove grime, molds, and stains. Sealing is also needed for some structures to extend their service life. 

Lawn Maintenance

You should look for contractors who can offer complete lawn maintenance service. This way, you will not worry about the needs of your lawn since you can get them from one service provider. It is best if your contractor offers a complete package that is customized to the needs of your lawn or landscape. This will not only result in a stunning and healthy lawn but also great savings on maintenance cost. 

Lawn Service

Another factor to consider when hiring a lawn service provider is the rate that it offers. The rates must be reasonable based on the scope and quality of the service that the contractor provides. Getting poor quality workmanship may result in unappealing and disease-prone lawn or landscape. It will also result in higher maintenance cost in the long run.

Contact Berkeley Design Group today for your landscape maintenance needs. We offer custom and comprehensive maintenance package to address the peculiar needs of your landscaped property.